Sunday Fun Day Recap part 5

What up Bosses!😎

Wouldn’t be a Sunday without a daily recap of everything that has happened versus what is next in the pipeline. First and foremost, I want to thank everyone on the community that is help contributing to BOSS. If it is animations, music, feedback, videos, answering questions, bringing positive vibes. The bounties will continue to remain open because we can never have enough amazing material for this type of stuff. So if you are wanting to share you work we are more than willing to pay! We cannot do this alone and YOU as the community have really shown out. 😈

So there has been so much news, YouTube, Tweets over the last few weeks. Hopefully, I can find them all for your reference.

Lets start off with YouTube:
Video by Crypto Band$
Video by Mezziah Williams
Video by Mo Crypto Mo Problems
Video by Crypto Bull

Various Blogs/Articles:
Feeds Portal

There are more out there. I really should keep better track but there is just not enough time in the day 😍

Also — There is an official Boss Google Calendar to stay up to date on all the latest BOSS events 📅

There has been 2 music submissions — 1 contributor wishes to remain anon and the other submission was from Jlew 🎶

Thank you BOSS community so much for the support! Hopefully we will start cranking out all the fun stuff and making that BOSS World you all been talking about.

As far as this coming week:
There is special airdrop that is taking place Thursday November 18th, 2021. You can look at this medium here for the specifics. The time will be completely random and announced on our discord channel #snapshots for xBOSS wallet holders.

We are working on the logic for the NFT integration as artwork is starting to get cranked out. It is right around the corner. So close you can almost SMELL the minting.

We are going to have the first NFT Live Minting Party we need a name for it! Dracula Castle Ball, Bloody Sabbath, or…? Tell us what you think we should name this live event on TG, Discord, Reddit, or any other means you can think of!

I think the most Frequently Asked Question has been over the last week, What is with the HYDRA Aidrop? I would refer you to the governance proposal here for the HYDRA Airdrop here. More details will follow in regards to the timing of the snapshot for the HYDRA Aidrop as we get closer to December 1st. In the mean time, don’t forget about those xBOSS airdrops for chances to receive that ONE. 🪂

As always, we 💙this community and looking forward to growing with you. Stay Bossy😎




Boss Swap Finance is an unique DEX launching on the Harmony Protocol. We’ve taken some of our favorite features from other projects and added them together to m

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BossSwap Finance

BossSwap Finance

Boss Swap Finance is an unique DEX launching on the Harmony Protocol. We’ve taken some of our favorite features from other projects and added them together to m

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