Sunday Fun Day Part 9

Hiyas #BossArmy!
Sorry it has been awhile, we have been super busy at the Boss Headquarters.

Traditionally speaking, we have always done a Past, Present & Future recaps so here we go!

Our Past:
Out NFT Minting event went off with a some issues. We launched right after Harmony was shut down from bot spammage attacks. We were given the all clear and things were up and running. We launched, only for the protocol to be operational at a lower level than we are used to seeing. There was minor bug based on the region the user was in 🤔 ultimately, it was resolved.

Hindsight being 20/20, we will not be launching until a week or so after any kind of protocol issues have been resolved for a little bit of time.

We are live on Hedgy Finance 😱 and an Official Partner ✅
What is Hedgy? Join their discord in the link below 👇
Get all the non stop BOSS Action using their amazing Call Functions! Might not be a bad time to make a little bag, hint hint. 🤷‍♂️

You might have noticed a few more $FOOLs around 🎪
Their Dungeon is back up and running and plenty of liquidity around. Help support our Boss Army via Hedgy and Fools.

Our Present:
What every single BOSS wants to know, WEN GAMES!?

I am pleased to announce that DEV Sherriff 📛has taken the lead on his first project, surpassed me in development. Shoot out to him. We are currently in the alpha testing on his project and first mini game BOSS FALL.

Mini game and possible multiplayer game 2️⃣ Exploding Heros! You may have heard me say in chat that I had to lead Dev Sabastion go. It was tough but at the end of the day, if you are not up to BOSS Standards we need to find a suitable replacement. He over sold his position and essentially lied where he was development wise.

With that being said, Dev BACON 🥓 is already ahead of schedule and happy to announce the opening screen of our second mini game!

Last but not least, Settlers of Harmony. The production has been getting there. As I have said in the past, this is my baby. The assets were not where I would have liked them to be. We are implementing a few changes outside our original game plan but for the betterment of BOSS. Since we are doing all sorts of sneak peaks this go around, why not. Time to release the opening screen…

Underwhelming? Oh Okay..

Our Future:
What are we to expect from this point forward? Games release is so close we can see it, NFT utility around the corner, and moar airdrops.

What are you MOST stoked for!?

~Boss Baby Out!



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