Sunday Fun Day Part 8

Hey There Boss Army 😎
Been a little bit since I actually got to put some words on paper. We have been crazy busy developing getting everything ready to solidify out place in the crypto world, permanently. Are you ready for the changes? Are you ready for what is to come? Lets’ get right to it then!

NFT — The Boss Awaking

We delayed our NFT launched on Christmas and we are polishing off the site so the end user has that AMAZING look and Boss feel that we have all come to love and enjoy. Keeping that in mind we are comfortable to be able to release the upcoming events. Are you ready? Because we here at BOSS Headquarters sure are. It will be epic! 1 and 2500 chance to get this beautiful, animated, 1 of a kind gem?

As we mentioned in the AMA, these 2,500 will be a 1 time, purly collectable release. At the current price of BOSS they will come at a price in BOSS.

7500 BOSS to be exact.

If -for-what-ever-reason- the community does not get there hands on one of these 2500, totally unique NFT, you will have a second chance to get your BOSS hands when the Settlers of Harmony game is released in the v2 of the NFTs. I am sure that 😈Mel😈 is working on some amazing animations .

Our partner who helped with the backend development will be happy to host us in his in our marketplace and all the goodies and how-to’s will follow.


The Official Snapshot 📸 will be taken on Wednesday, January 12th, 2022 at 9:00 P.M. EST.

50 NFTs will be Minted and Airdropped (raffle style) throughout the day of the BOSS AWAKENING MINTING PARTY

To qualify for 1 of the 25 to xBOSS HODLers:
(+1)🎫7500 xBOSS
(+1)🎫for additional 3700 xBOSS
Number of 🎫is unlimited

To qualify for 1 of the 25 to $HYDRA HODLers:
(+1)🎫3500 HYDRA
(+1)🎫for additional 1500 HYDRA
Number of 🎫 is unlimited

HYDRA HOLDers must be:


— In the users WALLET —


After much consideration and discussion, several members of the community wanted to double the requirements on these exclusive, limited run NFTs from what I had originally mentioned. We decided to meet in the middle and compromise which is the results above. I have and always held true to the saying that this is a community driven project. If you wish to be part of the discussion, come and join us on TG, Discord, Twitter to have a say in OUR project.



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