~~Since the Beginning~~

Welcome to the Arena: Reasons to be a BOSS😎

Humble Beginnings: Where it all Started

It hasn’t even been a MONTH since BossSwap.Finance launched, but here, in our very own realm, we’re incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved. And by ‘we’ we don’t just mean the dedicated team of developers in a 10x10 room with cpu’s humming and an awkward stench of body odor that brought Bosswap to life, but also each and every $BOSS-holding stud that has made our community the thriving stomping grounds that it is. We love every single one of you. I do not think that can ever be expressed enough. The community makes it worth getting up everyday and continue to strive to be the best in the metaverse. There is still a lot that needs to be accomplished but we take it one day at a time.

Harmony (ONE) is the place to be in DeFi at the moment, no question about it. In some time, we will look back at all these mediums, tweets, chats and be like, we were here, at the beginning. Look at where we are at now. Can you believe it wasn’t so long ago….

Unfortunately, that also means there is no shortage of scams, rug-pulls and even honest projects that just fail to compete — it’s crazy out there. Please be careful and always DYOR. For this reason, we take it very seriously when even our own $BOSS loving individuals ask in our Telegram group or on our social channels “what are you doing to differentiate yourselves?” “how do I know my funds are safe in BossSwap?” or even the simple, but brutal “When rug”?.

The Real Reasons for “Why BossSwap?”

In any group of collective people, any boss may well sleep at night — but us here at Boss never sleep it seems. We’ve been hard at work building partnerships, adding features to our platform and creating utility for our $BOSS tokens. It’s time to take stock — if you have yet to join our 3,000 strong (and growing) BOSS Swap community firstly, what are you waiting for? Secondly, you probably won’t know about everything we’ve done so far to make BossSwap the place to be on Harmony! So here’s a refresher:

Boss’s love ONE, but…

At BossSwap we made the decision to create and be in complete control of our own platform by not only creating our own farms, but a DEX and AMM as well. This means, as we grow we can make any changes and developments we like (trust us, there are plenty in the pipeline). We have ultimately been listed on nearly every utility out there. Utilities are key for many of our Boss Community and there is no shortage to choose from. From charting on Nomics, $IKURA, or our Own.

From other utilties with Tin.Network, Fab Dashboard, Vfat, DappRadar, Defi LLama.

Audits: The MasterBreeder Contract came back Clean from Techrate 🧼

Smart contract audits cost a considerable amount of money. More than bunches and bunches and bunches of $BOSS could cover (yet…). Still, the safety of our boss’ funds is the most important consideration to us — and we know how important quality audits are to you.

Per the community request — we have also verified contracts via Pair and Rounter.

Partnerships: Let’s Grow the Stomping Ground! 🤜🤛

Boss’s are friendly in nature — we love a partnership — and we’ve had not one, two, three or four huge (socially distanced!) parties in the Dungeon and Spawning Pool over the last week. Bosswap family has grown to Arbiter, BabyJewel, Sonic, LBLOX, McONE, Bard, and todays release Ikura. We plan to continue working with the premier partners in the Harmony ecosystem.

BOSS-nomics: Burn Baby Burn 🔥
At the time of writing we have burned over 1,719,071 $BOSS and 1,240,842 $BOSS-$ONE LP.

We aim to deliver regular, consistent, and large burns for you all! As much as us Boss’s LOVE $BOSS — We just burned another 1,000,000 as I am writing this, we love our fellow Boss even more, and we know token value is important to you. So you keep farmin’, keep tradin’ and we’ll keep burnin’ — that’s our promise! We also have some additional token economic enhancements in the pipeline! Stay tuned for a dedicated article all about that ❤

Where Does BossSwap Go From Here?

It’s hard to believe all of this has happened in just three weeks — but we promise you, the good news doesn’t stop here. We have plenty of plans, developments and news in the pipeline that we know will make our Boss’s very happy over the coming weeks and months. Keep your eyes, and your $BOSS stocked!

Stay up on the latest directly in our Social Medias’ here!



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