BOSS Tower Map — Boosted Pools & Hydra Pools Explained


The foundation of the project is Boss Swap. Our goal is to keep building up.

BOSS Bounty

The BOSS bounty program will be integrated at launch and will be improved over time. The BOSS treasuries will be utilize for DEX expansion and building in more utility and partnerships. Governance and social media will play a role in the BOSS Bounty program which will explained more on our next post. BOSS will not be our primary governance token for the platform but we will be utilizing a system similar to the Golden Banana from Apeswap.

Boosted Pools

Boosted pools are an automatic temporary boost of APR for a farming pool. We can set the parameters of the pool to give extra BOSS rewards for a given time period. This lets us boost specific farming pools in the Dungeons as part of different marketing campaigns. Boosted pools is simply a short marketing promotion integrated into Boss Swap.

Hydra Pools

Hydra pools are a better version of farming pools. Hydra pools reward dual tokens instead of just one. We can incentivize some farming pools which is key for future partnerships and for more flexibility for the BOSS platform.

Initial BOSS Offerings (IBOs)

We have chosen to focus on other features before the IBO so that way we have our complete launchpad ready for new partnerships. IBO will be forked from Pancakeswap.

NFTs/Settlers of Harmony* Name TBD

Settlers of Harmony, is our planned DEX game that will integrate our NFT scope completely. Based on Settlers of Catan, BOSS players will be able to collect resources and build out their BOSS underworld with the end-state of acquiring NFTs from the DEX game. NFTs will have extremely high utility for the DEX. Users can gain these benefits by redeeming NFTs:

  • Reduce Deposit Fees to 0% for all Dungeon Farms
  • Reduce Withdrawal Fees to .1% for all Dungeon Farms
  • Receive Locked Rewards at a Faster Pace
  • Waive BOSS tax
  • Receive Regular Airdrops from the Founders/Boss Reward Program Treasury

Wen Launch?

We’re currently updating the UI and some updates that the community has made. We will make the withdrawal fees permanent which will not be adjustable after launch. Due to these changes and some further tests, we are pushing back the pre-sale to Tuesday and Thursday for the full launch. We appreciate the understanding and excited to build on Harmony!

  • Tuesday approximately 5 PM MST $SHADE Token Sale which will last approximately 12 hours.
Swap ONE tokens for SHADE tokens 1:1 value
  • Thursday approximately 5 PM MST, BOSS Tokens Launch
  • Thursday approximately 6 PM MST, SHADE tokens staked for BOSS-ONE LP tokens open up
  • Friday approximately 2 AM — 8 AM MST Rewards distribution for BOSS-ONE LP tokens
  • Friday approximately 11 AM MST, Dungeon Farming Pools open up

50% of the BOSS-ONE LP initial liquidity will be farmed using SHADE tokens. 50% of the initial liquidity added for the BOSS-ONE pairing will be burnt. There will be no makeup or compensation for users who deposit late or forget to deposit their SHADE tokens into the farming contract. SHADE tokens have zero planned utility other than distributing the BOSS-ONE LP Tokens.



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